The 9 Perfect Aspects Of Enjoying a Break From Drinking

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1. On a non-hungover Sat, the skies are bluer, the grass is greener, and you could actually get things done. Seriously, having energy on the weekend morning is actually a beautiful thing. Instead of drinking all the water in your apartment and Netflixing the morning away, it is possible to take a long walk. You can go get your eyebrows done. You can avoid the annoyance of waiting 70 minutes for a brunch table and choose to eat early instead. The world can be your sober oyster!

2. Not spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol gives you a pleasant little cushion at the conclusion of the month. While those $7 wine bottles always seem like a great deal at the time, they add up. If you go just one or two weekends without alcohol, you can play that really fun game where you order enough food to trick the delivery person into thinking you ordered for four.

3. You realize the liberation of not waking up imagining , Oh, god, who did I text last night  You realize you don't love Dave. He knows you don't love Paul. But you have made a habit of drunk-texting Jake at 3 a.m. to express to him that you "loOooooOve Hhiiim." When you are sober, you typically will not late-night creep like that.

4. And checking your Facebook and Instagram through a hangover to see what embarrassing photos you need to untag. Some drunk group pics are fun, however, many are really not. The Internet is forever and it is usually a good idea to know what's being posted about you.

5. There are no horribly awkward brunch plans you feel obligated to follow through on.  Sober small talk might appear like the most daunting thing in the whole world, but when you're sober and catching up with a friend, you know better than to make plans with people who you've purposely avoided making plans with for months.

6. It's really gratifying to follow through on a plan you've set for yourself.  There is a major sense of success when you say you will give something up and you actually do it, especially when it comes to something as omnipresent as alcohol. Quitting wine for a bit is like canceling your Netflix subscription after you wasted six weekends finally watching every bit of  30 Rock . Damn, you've got some resolve. 

7. Yeah, you vaguely remember that 3:00 a.m. pile of nachos tasting wonderful, but it definitely wasn't better than the lobster rolls you and your pals soberly chose to splurge on. You'll feel much better physically the morning after a truly delicious dinner with buddies than you will after the late-night pizza(s) you crushed yourself.

8. You do not wake up feeling like your brain is slowly and gradually imploding. See above. There are obvious positive health benefits to refraining from liquor (your skin and body stay hydrated, you sleep better, you lose weight, etc.) and they all reflect within feeling better. Take it from a woman who  chose to quit drinking for a bit: Having energy is enjoyable.