Check this out As Some Of Random People Try To Lift Thor's Epic Hammer

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Do you got what it requires to lift Thor's hammer? Iron Man does not. Bruce Banner does not. Hawkeye does not. Captain America, for the most part, does not. But that did not prevent any of these pedestrians from trying to wield Mjolnir after finding it on the road. Sadly for them, they'd never be able to lift it because it was all part of a huge prank.


Trollstation is an online hidden camera show with a collective of pranksters from all around the world. Their pranks have included a variety of social experiments (like when they falsified a domestic abuse scenario to see how people would react ) and timeless pranks (like pursuing pedestrians while wearing police attire ). However, in honor of the launch of Avengers: Age of Ultron, which came to international theatres last weekend, they decided to see if anyone on Earth was capable of lifting Thor's hammer.

As seen in the video above, many random passer bys attempted, but this particular Mjolnir was super-super-glued to the sidewalk with a special no-nails Gorilla glue. People were getting really into it, too. Most men took off their coats and backpacks after their first unsuccessful attempts, as if that would somehow magically improve their strength. The cameraman even zinged one guy's ego a bit when he asked if he had the power, to which the man replied, "Yeah, I've got the power. I am a boxer" If he did, then he would've been able to lift it.

This is the perfect prank for Avengers: Age of Ultron. As you might have seen, a clip from the highly anticipated sequel was released online and features a celebration at Avengers Tower. Clint Barton, Tony Stark, James Rhodes, Bruce Banner, and Steve Rogers all try to lift Thor's hammer with little success. Simply Captain America was able to marginally nudge Mjolnir, substantially to Thor's dismay, but even then, no one was worthy enough to wield the Asgardian relic.



Age of Ultron hits US.. theaters this weekend, starting with late-night screenings on Thursday. Even without this piece of free viral promotion, it is already proving to be a box office hit. The movie raked in more than $200M overseas, as well as the national release is looking to be equally successful.