Seven Manners of the Overly Trendy People.

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Here's a fact: Anyone using a credit card can wander into Barneys and emerge looking like Trend using a capital F. But here's another one: Very few individuals --credit cards or not--can be considered girls of genuine design. 

Yes, draping yourself in the trendiest labels and stacking on "It" items might offer you a boost of immediate sartorial gratification, but in six months those pieces will probably be dated, you will be out a month's rent, and you will feel compelled to maintain the cycle of buying the next round of enviable pieces. Exhausting! Still, so many women appear to be falling victim to that particular precise cycle

Blame it on today's street style -obsessed world, but all we need to do now is take a fast peek at Pinterest, give Instagram a fast scroll, or visit any one of the gazillion personal fashion sites that exist, and we'll be inundated with up-to-the-minute pictures of Celine, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Chanel, as well as other top-level labels, which can frequently produce a little FOMO. And that, in turn, can lead to dozens of young women looking, well, exactly like everyone else and going broke in the method. 


 Then, nevertheless, there are those images you'll see on blogs or road design sites of girls who seem so amazingly smart, cool, or interesting who aren't covered in head-to-toe labels, but rather understand how to take nondescript bits and style them in such a manner that their entire look is entirely enviable and covetable

These, friends, are the really stylish girls from whom we should plan to take our fashion inspiration. To that end, we've compiled the 7 habits of highly fashionable visitors to get you started

1.. They don't browse street style sites and copy exactly what they see, label for label
In this very day and age, street style pictures are a bona fide source of fashion inspiration. In fact, we spend a pretty significant percentage of our day stalking Pinterest and culling various galleries to offer our readers (and ourselves) great ideas in regards to seasonal ensembles. 

 Nevertheless, just since you saw Taylor Tomasi Hill, Miroslava Duma, or Anya Zirhouva draped in Kenzo, Chanel, or Celine--or because you will maintain Ny during Fashion Week and wish to get snapped by Phil Oh-- isn't a great reason to go out and splurge on the same stuff. 

 Do not forget: Several enormous street-fashion players, editors, and bloggers get sent designer stuff for free to entice folks like us to venture out and buy it. Others are, well, richer than us and it is their day job to flit all over the world in the most up-to-date designer clothes, which will be enjoyable to admire but not always healthy to emulate

 That's why actually fashionable girls will see a look they are drawn to and seek out lesser-priced pieces that have the exact same vibe. Lots of affordable shops and sites offer items that feature similar aspects to designer pieces

2.. They are n't scared of any store --and can find something nearly anywhere. 
Legitimately fashionable girls will troll any--and we mean any-- shop with zero snob variable, yet they manage to stay true to their aesthetic. 

 For example, she will not be frightened to pop into a cheesy- looking teen store at the mall, but that does not mean she'll leave with the same things her 12- year-old cousin would. Same goes for rapid - trend haunts like Forever 21, dusty old thrift stores, and off- cost havens like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Century 21, which are consistently packed with great stuff at non-sucker costs. 

3.. They understand how to style themselves according to their particular preference. 
 Isn't it always the case that the most trendy girls will say "This blouse? It is from Goodwill, like, 100 years ago" and actually mean it

Yeah, the blouse itself is probably quite cool, but it's really the way she styled it-- possibly she tucked into great -fitting jeans, unbuttoned one extra button, rolled up the sleeves, and added a killer set of statement earrings--that made everyone opinion about it

4.. They always seem a littles less "done" than everyone else
 Highly stylish people are commonly in the habit of constantly appearing a teeny tiny bit too trendy for each scenario they're in

This could mean wearing a pair of slip on sneakers when every other girl is teetering on sky high heels, wearing a smart lanky pantsuit when every other woman is rocking glittery party dresses, or chopping her hair into a messy bob when everyone else has long beachy waves. Small things that consistently make them look a bit less 

5.. They comprehend labels do not make them cooler
It seems cliche, but the most fashionable women--and men, for that matter--in the planet are ones that have self-assurance, and who know they do not desire the $700 sweatshirt or $2000 handbag to make themselves appear cool. 

These folks can step out in a bleached gray tee and jeans but still appear to be the coolest person in the area all simply because they have self-assurance (okay fine, and probably a killer haircut, too. )

6.. They aren't slaves to fashion
 A number of the very stylish people are able to possess fun with fashion and follow styles without looking in the manner of a slave. Should you do not like a style --even if every blogger under the sun is wearing it-- don't buy into it. It is that easy. 

7.. They don't dress to be considered stylish. 
Before websites, before street fashion, and before Fashion Week became a three-ring circus that just matters for those who have the most attention-grabbing clothing, young women dressed for themselves, their lifestyle, and what seemed good on them

Believe us: It does not matter if those heels are Alexander Wang--if you can't walk in them, you will not be considered fashionable. Throw on a set of comfortable ankle boots with that mini dress, you'll seem much cooler