NBC Says Celebrity Apprentice Will Return Without Donald Trump

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A month and a half after NBC announced it would no longer be airing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants following Donald Trump's controversial comments about Mexican immigrants, the network has opened up about cutting ties from the presidential hopeful. 

"He can be a lovely guy. He was very much of a collaborator and helped us closely on Celebrity Apprentice and is a very effusive great guy," said NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt when inquired about their working relationship with Trump at the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday. "We weren't in a adversarial position. We had no controversies. He has his own personal controversies. It had been a congenial, really great relationship."

"I don't think someone that is running for president and may end up the next leader of the free world might be banned from any activities at NBC, but we'll just have to find out how this plays out," Greenblatt continued. "I honestly don't know. At the moment, we're kind of separated." 

The network released an announcement June 29 announcing it would no more air the pageants - that are part of the Miss Universe Organization, a highly lucrative enterprise co-owned by Trump and NBC Universal - following Trump's inflammatory comments about Mexican immigrants made during a speech announcing his candidacy for president. 

Regarding the NBC's progress towards selling off itsinterest in the Miss Universe enterprise, Greenblatt said, "Yes, we're almost done with that." 

Greenblatt also announced that Celebrity Apprentice will not air during the upcoming season but will return for the "2016-17 season with a new host." 

When asked if Trump, 69, would ever return to host Celebrity Apprentice, Greenblatt responded, "Absolutely not."