Meet Chris Strandburg: Your new Bachelor {

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You know how some men are only, like, actually, really, ridiculously good looking -- and additionally dentists? No? Well we had like to present you to Chris Strandburg. He's a contestant on The Bachelorette Season 11, and he just happens to be one of those world -shatteringly stunning guys who will eventually be a fan fave the second he smiles at Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Let's investigate his attractiveness, er, get to understand him..

Besides being quite, Chris is a 28- year-old gentleman who makes his home in Clarksville, Tennessee. But before you go expecting he'll have a twang that is enchanting, be warned: He Is originally from Granite Bay, California and his accent is more square dentist than destroyed against Southerner

 While in Cali, he attended UCLA and UC San Diego, earning a degree in Biology. After that, he hit up UCLA School of Dentistry to snag a DDS. Now, teeth are fixed by him in Clarksville and occasionally terrifies us by talking about how babies ' teeth will snap off at the gumline if they drink sugar. So, just a little caveat as he seems which he might not be as fun