Jared Leto's Joker Look Is Full-Blown Insanity, Check It Out

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We've seen teases & hints of what Jared Leto's Joker resembles in the approaching Suicide Squad, but director David Ayers merely hit Twitter with our first complete view of the Clown Prince of Crime, and it is not like anything you expected. Even for the Joker, it is completely crazy. Check it out for yourself. 

 Much like when we saw the very first picture of Heath Ledger as Joker in The Dark Knight, Leto's gives us a radically different form of the iconic villain. While he keeps his trademark green hair and red lips, his light skin seems more fleshed-toned compared to the chalk white colour from the comics. The purple glove adds more familiar shade, while you'll see on his left hand he's a pinky ring. Apparently that is a Joker who likes the bling

What actually brings the eye are the tats throughout his body. There are multiple "Ha Ha Ha"'s on the left side of his chest and left arm, a demonic jester skull on the right side of his chest, a menacing grin on his right arm, several cards on his left shoulder, a target (or maybe another mouth) on the very top of his left hand, as well as the word "Damaged" on his forehead. There are a couple others which might be more difficult to make out, specifically the words on his abdomen and back, but overall it is a very prisoner type of look, which is fitting given the reports that Joker spends most of Suicide Squad imprisoned

 But, the one thing the separates this cinematic Joker in the rest is his teeth. The bottom front half appear to caps, which has me guessing that at one point he got those knocked out by Batman. It is more challenging to tell exactly what the deal with all the top front half is, but it looks like those could also be caps, or he has somehow darkened them himself. Either way, merely looking at his expression assures us that this Joker is just as insane as the previous versions. 

 True, that is a Joker appearance that might take some getting used to, but given the DCCU's variant of the super villain has been causing turmoil for decades by the time Suicide Squad begins, it's wise he wouldn't look clean cut after all this time. It is also strange not seeing him in his iconic purple suit, but when one is stuck in a prison filled with superpowered and special offenders, fashion isn't always a huge concern. Regardless, with this particular image combined with that voice tease Leto gave earlier in the month, Suicide Squad's Joker will assuredly be terrifying and creepy as hell. Personally, this just has me even more excited to see the very first clip of him in the Suicide Squad trailer. With the whole ensemble together, that is certainly going to be a unique variant of the character, and God have mercy on anyone who gets too close to him

 It is possible to view the Joker, alongside a number of other DC super villains, when Suicide Squad reaches theatres on August 5, 2016.