How to Find Zen In Your Chaotic Life

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With schedules being so busy, and life always happening as we are connected to people almost 100% of the time we need to have moments for ourselves. In this article we look at 10 tips to find your zen almost anywhere! 

Remember, if you don't look after yourself, who will?

1. Close your eyes.

It is simple, actually: Anytime you would like, you are able to stop and pull the blinds close, turning your gaze. When you do this, you're looking into your beautiful darkness, plus it's the initial step toward getting more grounded or Zen.

2. Count to 10.

You can almost hear the voice of your mom when you read this one, can not you? I can. Stop and count to 10, when faced with a stressful moment. It worked when you're little, and it works. Add heavy ujjayi breaths (an ancient yoga breathing method to help relax the mind) when you must slow down.

3. Take deep breaths using a mantra.

First, find your breath. Do not go so fast that you take it. Detect it. Find moments in your day while taking note, when you can breathe. And if you are able to, add let and go to the breath. Pull a large inhale in through your nose, filling up your belly from the bottom all the way up to your very best. Say to yourself. Then exhale the breath out your nose to bottom, saying to yourself go.

Repeating this mindful breathing using a mantra slows your heartbeat, increases your focus and contributes to your feeling of balance and grounding.

4. Do something absurd. Laugh.

Zen happens when we're relaxed, and we are relaxed when we are not unhappy. As we age, we do fewer daft things and we smile and belly laugh less frequently. Laughing is good medicine; happiness is the place where Zen resides.

Have a spontaneous dance party. Skip instead of walking. See whether you can say the word "fart" without smiling. Do some. It's good for you, and it is going to allow you to find a way of Zen, I swear.

5. Walk or bike instead of driving.

When was the final time you took a walk instead of driving? Or grabbed your bike and headed our for your morning java? I ride my bike instead of driving to the local coffee shop, and I take a walk, some mornings.

As well as creating an opportunity for heavy, breaths that are fresh and exciting your heart a bit, you are removing yourself from your strain that comes with driving a car. Doing just a little bit of exercise each day is not bad for the heart and your disposition, as well as the mocha at the other end becomes guilt-free, also!

6. Be an early bird.

The morning hours would be the quietest, and finding some "you time" then can set the tone for your entire day. Establish your alarm a bit early one day a week and assemble some truly yummy early morning "you time" into your weekly program. Use this time to journal, meditate, or work out. You won't be sorry.

7. Take a five-minute pause (dhyana).

Meditation can occur in just a couple minutes, and those few minutes can be life-changing. Set aside five minutes every day to do a mini-meditation session. Sit in a comfortable seated posture; shut your eyes; begin taking deep, full breaths in and out during your nose; close your eyes; and put in a mantra.

To keep careful tabs on the time without an alarm, catch a mala (string of beads) at a nearby boutique or online, and use it to count the breaths and stay focused.

8. Establish reminders for "NOW."

We go so, so fast with so many appointments and meetings and duties. Put a daily reminder in your calendar to allow you to cease and see "NOW." Add a theme song a beautiful photo, or simply a little quote to your reminder so that when it pops up, you understand it is your reminder to savor the precise area you're in at that instant.

9. Let go.

Holding on to anything -- I said anything -- means you aren't wide open and present. Practice letting go in ways that are small.

10. Choose Zen.

"Believe. Say. Do." Every action is an idea. Every idea has an intention. Set a clear and positive intent to "find Zen" in your everyday life. Believe it, say it, and do it.