Kacey Musgraves Lives Up To The Country Rebel Name!

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Kacey Musgraves Definetly Followed Her Own Arrow While In The U.K


She did not understand the rules when Kacey Musgraves and the UK's Prince Harry on Friday met at the Royal Variety Performance at Royal Albert Hall. She said so on her Instagram, when she posted an image of the both of them high fiving one another."When Texas meets Royalty. #casual #highfives #idontknowtherules," she captioned the image with Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales.


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However, as long as she called him "Your Royal Highness" and addressed him as "Mister," she did just fine on the rules. According to the Royals' official site, a small curtsy from a lady is the traditional greeting, but it is unnecessary. And if Musgraves' tune is true, and she ain't "Pageant Material," then I think her royal high five was a win for country music.