Kate Middleton Is Past Her Due Date, Lindo Wing Parking Restrictions Are Increased by 5 Days

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Has the delay for Royal Baby number two only get slightly more? As the world anticipates the coming of Kate and Prince 's second child, We have learned that parking restrictions outside of the Duchess' hospital have been extended

A Westminster Council spokesman tells us that the parking restrictions outside the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in London have been extended for five more days. As previously reported by us, the signs for suspended parking went up on April 14, and were to continue in place through April 30

With the latest changes, the restrictions will continue through next week
Middleton, 33, who's now 6 days past her expected date, was spotted on Tuesday, April 28, taking the wiggly Prince George to swim lessons. An eyewitness told us at the time that the Duchess herself drove the car to take her 21- month old boy to his aquatic adventure. 

That same day, the pregnant Duchess and her husband, 32, sent their thanks to royal super fans waiting outside the Lindo Wing in the form of baked goods and tea. The buffs, anticipating the instant Middleton goes into labor, were decked out in head-to-toe Union Jack garb
A palace aide told Us: "The Duke and Duchess saw reports of them camped out and needed them to understand they were thinking of them


Meanwhile, one of the Brits camped out close to the entrance told Us: "We couldn't believe it. One of the policemen dropped it away and said it was from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It turned out to be a lovely gesture, smashing


Wednesday marks the fourth wedding anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Remain with us for all the most recent updates on how they celebrated, plus more details on Royal Baby number two, including an exclusive livestream of the location outside St. Mary's Hospital once the Duchess goes into labor, regular updates from royal experts and our staffers in London, the large baby show and much more