Dr. Phil Sued By Former Employee For False Imprisonment And Verbal Assault

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Dr. Phil faces a lawsuit filed by his a former employee of the "Dr. Phil" show for an alleged false imprisonment and verbal assault. The ex-staff maintained the physician held his whole staff in a secured room to get an alleged whistle blower to confess to his fault.



Leah Rothman disclosed in her complaint that she was ordered in on her day off, along with 300 other workers. She says that Dr. Phil assembled everyone in a room and ordered for security to lock the doors.



During the "hostage", Dr. Phil apparently went on a rampage blurting out profanity against the group for having leaked the private info. One of the details of his outburst, Leah claims the doctor said, "If you f*** with me, I Will f*** with you," and continued speaking in awful language.



Rothman also remembered that Dr. Phil warned them saying he'd contacted the "Feds" as the information was transmitted across state lines. While the doctor raged on, Leah said the he was reading from cue cards, indicating that he had planned in advance. She also promised that all his actions were unnecessary as the doctor had already knew who leaked the information.



To this Rothman said the meeting had no other goal except to frighten everyone.



It appeared to have worked as he'd scared Rothman to a point that she has eventually become a nervous wreck, and was made to leave her job as a segment director.



Radar Online reported the records said, "The employees were packed in the room together. Because the workers were grouped in the room collectively, Plaintiff and those around her were forced to stand in the enclosed room. In this meeting, Dr. Phil also demanded that every employee turn off their phones, further isolating them."



After being traumatized for Dr. Phil's own interests and enjoyment, Leah Rothman has filed a formal complaint requesting a jury trial to settle the matter. The legal charges against Dr. Phil comprise false imprisonment, emotional distress, whistle blower retaliation, and wrongful constructive termination.