Ariana Grande Has Had a Chilling Run In With A Crazy Supporter at Concert

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Ariana Grande has not been having a great few weeks.

Newly off her sudden break up from rapper Big Sean after an eight month relationship, we are just now learning that Ariana almost had a scary run in with a crazed supporter at her concert in Connecticut a month prior. TMZ reports that cops were on high alert for a guy named Timothy Normandin when Ari was performing in Connecticut, and they had good reason to be so attentive.

The site notes that Timothy arrived up at the Connecticut concert venue and demanded face to face time with the "Love Me Harder" vocalist. Thankfully he did not get his wish. Rather, Timothy was detained in the concert venue for criminal trespassing and later released on a $5000 bond.

What's more? This "obsessed fan" has a history of bizarre behavior towards Ariana that causes us to be genuinely worried for the pint sized pop star. Apparently Timothy has sent Ariana various gifts in the past, including a 42.5 pound pumpkin because, why not?

There have been some quite upsetting run ins between the two in the past too, like when Timothy once showed up at Ariana's record company wearing a Santa suit. According to TMZ, that particular stunt was sufficient to get Timothy placed on a short psych hold.

 Let's trust Timothy gets the help that he desires so Ariana can "Break Free" from this crazed enthusiast.