Adam Lind Tells Chelsea Houska "I'm a changed man" And That He Will Continue Custody Battle

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The custody struggle in between “Teen Mom 2” stars Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind is far from over. Throughout Wednesday night’s second half from the “Teen Mom 2” Season 6 reunion show, Aubree’s dad made it apparent he’s planning to continue to fight for custody of their 6-year-old daughter, in spite of failing to get his way in court during Season 6 of the MTV series.

Audiences will understand that right at the end of the season, Adam stated Aubree would be able to stay with him more frequently "very soon." Aubree returned home from her visit with her dad and told Chelsea his statement. “He promised me he would," Aubree said. "You can never, ever break a promise.” In accordance with Adam, he plans to keep his word.

“When I looked at Aubree, my child, and said ‘I promise you you’re gonna stick with me someday’ I plan on keeping that promise. It’s going to take place someday," he said. "Everything right now is just temporary. Everything. We’re still young. We’re still going through courts."

Despite some viewer’s statements that Adam is only seeking custody of Aubree for the sake of the MTV series, Adam says that’s certainly not the case. “I’m not carrying out this for the damn show. I want to see my kids,” Adam told reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky. “I don’t have to give you guys a response why I’m doing this. I am aware why I’m doing the work. I’m doing the work because their kids love their daddy and they desire to be with me."

Adam, who has 50/50 custody of his 2-year-old daughter, Paislee, with ex-girlfriend Taylor Halbur, said he’s already spent $40,000 on a lawyer in his attempt to get custody of Aubree. “I plan on keeping going until I have custody,” he said. “Promise you that.”

While Chelsea made it clear she doesn’t think her ex has changed his ways and that his issues with alcoholism still concern her, Adam says he believes he’s a change man. “I’m beginning to come back around and be who I know I really could be,” he said. “I don’t have to prove something to anybody. I don’t owe anything to anybody besides my kids and that’s what I’m doing.”

While Adam said he’s going to continue to fight for custody of Aubree, he says he doesn’t have trouble with Chelsea’s live-in boyfriend, Cole DeBoer, acting a second dad to his daughter. “If he’s a great influence on Aubree’s life why would I want to take that from her?” Adam said after being asked to share his thoughts on Aubree wanting to call Cole "dad."

“I like the dude,” he added. “He’s a great kid, good guy.”

Similar to his assertions made throughout the reunion special, Adam recently opened up to the Examiner, saying he feel he’s a change man. “I sat eight months in prison for my DUIs, paid all my fines, followed the law and stayed out of trouble. I was let off early for good behavior. I've made a lot of mistakes I know I can't take back and can only take responsibility for them and own up to them. Now I Am just attempting to make a better life for me personally and my kids,” he said.

Adam said he now functions as a personal trainer and has recently purchased a home. He is dating someone new, a girl named Stasia, and is planning to write an autobiography. As for his girls, he's continuing to settle his custody scenario with Chelsea. “I have rights to Paislee, settled out of court with Taylor. Chelsea and I are attempting to work through visitation and child custody rights for Aubree away from court. ”