Create the Perfect Selfie!

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We all know the significance of the Selfie in this era. Yet, how do you produce an amazing selfie

We put together a record of 6 distinct tips to make an amazing selfie

1. do not Under-Estimate the Relevance of Angle

Fact #1 Not everyone looks fine from every angle, and this is fairly universal. Everyone's face has its strengths and weaknesses; consequently it really is very important to emphasize your strengths. First, 'selfify' your face from various angles. Second, and this could be an awkward process, but it's an essential one - get feedback and reveal them to family and your friends. If you're really savvy, you could use a spreadsheet to mathematically assess people's preferences to find your strength. You do, lock in to the angle that's best for your face


2.. Don't let the Light Shine behind You

Plato once said, "We can quickly forgive a child who's afraid of the dark; the actual tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light" We must say, in the world of the selfie, we have to be afraid of bad lighting, like backlighting. Backlighting will most probably destroy a Halo on your selfie, no matter how beautiful your face is unless you would like it. It is important that you 'selfify' in a nicely -lit place. Interesting fact? There is usually amazing light in the bathroom and that's why you see so many selfies shot there

3. Be Aware of the Mirror

A mirror can destroy everything your selfie stands for. Mirrors are popular for selfies, notably for when a person wants to show his or her complete body instead of just the face. But, angles, the setting along with the photos should be revised and doubled checked multiple times before sharing. You've probably seen plenty of selfies where there is a glare from the flash, or where you are able to see that was too much (like someone's filthy toilet in the backdrop! ) Additionally, there are some pictures disguised as selfies that depict the person like he / she is sleeping, while the mirror shows the man taking photos of him/herself in an awkward position

4.. No one knows if you used Photo Apps, thus use them

We are only kidding. There is going to be somewhat a number of people who can tell if you used the photo program to tweak your selfie. Yet, that does not mean you shouldn't use it. Ultimately, it is about you having the picture you would like. Using retouching characteristics has to do with self-consciousness or self-assurance level ; should you enjoy it, that is all that matters. 

5.. Be Careful when Experimenting with your Facial Expressions

Assuming you take selfies to share, making weird faces is just odd. You currently have a beautiful face, why destroy it by making it look like a dehydrated oyster? By way of example, by web consensus, there are very few people who really like seeing duck faces. Unless you are targeting particular audiences, we do not recommend goofy faces. Maybe you wish to portray your fire through your selfie and are a fan of slapstick comedy, but making people laugh is a thing that is hard. There's a reason that being a comedian is a profession. Only, it features. So the next time you feel the urge to make a peculiar face, think about all the individuals who won't pay attention to it

6.. Understand your Camera

We're not saying this because this is a blog but Samsung smartphones truly do offer many excellent features for selfies. For instance, Galaxy Note 3 has a 'Beauty Face' feature. While this attribute doesn't really make a donkey into a unicorn (no offense to donkeys), the face does mechanically soften , so you appear younger and wiser concurrently. Take some time to find out more about your camera, there will be lot of features that are helpful to make you appear how you desire.