5 Tips (From Researchers) On What To Do To Survive The Fated Zombie Apocalypse

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Do you have a strategy for what you would do if a zombie epidemic resulted in the total failure of civilzation?
Awful news - you are almost surely doing it wrong.
Only hiding inside buildings - or God forbid, running around smashing in zombie skulls using a baseball bat - is a horrendous notion, Cornell University researchers announced after running the first 'complete' mathematical simulation.
The best way to survive is really to run for country regions - in particular sparsely inhabited mountains (the research workers give the example of the Rockies, but the Cairngorms ought to do it).

The Cornell team conducted a simulation on a real map of America, with 300 million people, using techniques used to model actual outbreaks.
'At their heart, the models are comparable to modeling chemical reactions taking place between different elements and, in this case, we've four states a man can be in--human, contaminated, zombie, or dead zombie--with approximately 300 million people,' says Cornell's Alex Alemi.
'Given the dynamics of the disease, once the zombies invade more sparsely inhabited regions, the entire outbreak slows down--there are fewerhumans to bite, so you begin creating zombies at a slower rate,' he says - advocating that individuals should head for nearby mountains if there actually is a zombie outbreak.
Five official tips on how best to survive
It's extremely unlikely the deceased will return from their graves to devour the flesh of the living - but you may be surprised to discover that official plans have been prepared just in case.
The U.S. Centres for Disease Control and, more strangely , Bristol City Council, provide advice with dealing with reanimated corpses.
Buy handcuffs and a stun gun
We don't have firearms in the UK, so Bristol City Council urges improvising weapons to cope with both the infected and the undead.
Stock up on supplies
America's Centres of Disease Control propose zombie outbreaks are much as any other pandemic - so 'waiting out' periods of acute disease, with a huge store of supplies, is a great plan.
Wait for the government to locate a treatment
According to CDC strategies, they 'would conduct an investigation much as with any other disease outbreak' if 'zombies did start roaming the roads'.
Buy a protective suit
Purchasing an Ebola-style protective suit is a good idea, Bristol's City Council suggests .
Isolate your family somewhere safe
America's Centre for Disease Control manager Dr Ali Khan notes: "If you are generally well equipped to handle a zombie apocalypse you'll be ready for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack."