20 Reasons Why You Should Never Travel to Brazil

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Brazil is considered a leading hot spot for tourism, however there are enough reasons to avoid traveling there for holiday. Here are the 20 top reasons why you might reconsider booking that spring break next year.

20. Most Of Their Food Is Why The Rainforest Is Disapearing

Brazilians eat plenty of steak. Steak comes from cows. Cows must graze. Therefore all the slashing and burning of the rainforest. While churrasco may be awesome, you are helping destroy the rainforest.

Plus, if beef is not your thing... you're going to be rather starving the entire time you are there.


19. Many Brazilian Women Won't Tell You They Aren't Girls

Sadly, false advertising is pretty large with all the girls down there. Which, if you are not into that type of thing, can cause some fairly difficult moments.


18. The Gas Stations Make Zero Sense Whatsoever

Brazil has a peculiar law where cars have to have the ability to run off of a specific type of ethanol produced from sugar. This isn't for environmental benefits, it is to support the sugar sector in Brazil -- one of their chief legal exports.

Because this business is about as crooked as the remaining part of the country, gasoline prices are a entire dice throw.


17. The Bikini Views Come At A Price

Brazil made incredible contributions to the bikini sciences. Problem being, they made some terrible ones too.

Everyone enjoys a shapely Brazilian woman together with the boom caboose. But in case you're gonna see that, you must take care of the hairy, sweaty guy sporting a banana hammock who doesn't belong in one.


16. It is Either A Tourist Trap Or A Slum

There's no grey area in Brazil. You will either end up in an overpriced resort set up to snatch up as much tourist cash as possible, or you also end up in the urban variant of Mad Max.

Your call.


15. Expenses Are High

Although Brazil embraced a currency policy designed to align itself with the American dollar, expenses continue to be at an all time high. Between eating out, visiting hot spots and traveling to/from the country, you could find yourself counting coins merely to get by before your vacation is finished.


14. Very Humid and Muggy

The broiling sun and constant rain make for quite humid and sticky weather conditions in Brazil. Should you hate hot, sticky humidity, you'd best travel to a cooler climate afterward.


13. Football Fans

Heavens forbid you're rooting for or representing the opposing team when attending a football match. The fans WOn't ever let you hear the ending of it. America has her own obnoxious sports fans to deal with.


12. Corruption Is Out in the Open

Authorities and politicians make no secret that they're incredibly tainted, even accepting bribes in broad daylight! While most, if not all, governments are tainted, few are as brazen about it as Brazil.


11. Ailments R'Us

Malaria, AIDS, jungle fever. These are only but a few of the major diseases you can contract in Brazil if you're not cautious enough to avoid getting one in the first place. This is true of any country, but Brazil tends to cause tourists to let their guard down big time.


10. Mugging Is A Significant Issue

Visiting tourists are frequently a goal for road muggers and hoods looking for a simple score. Good luck getting the cops to take your assault seriously also.


9. The Conditions Are Very Poor

Brazil may boast a booming economy, but you will never see it in the streets as the living conditions remain execrable. The common man down there is still suffering while the rich get fatter. Sound familiar?


8. They Say the Rainforest Really Blows

Remember that South Park episode where Cartman and the gang were stuck in a rainforest? Only increase the horrors shown in that episode such interesting things as the plethora of bugs, meat-eating animals and exceptionally damp states. I really don't care how much you have a hankering for coconuts; keep out of the rainforests.


7. Giant Snakes Only Can Not Wait To Have You For Supper

Anacondas, boas and pythons are smacking their fangs just thinking about how tasty you will be should you be unlucky enough to confront them. Run like hell in the event you even think you have seen a snake.


6. Carnival Is a Noisy Diversion

Carnival seems like fun, but in the event you are seeking a quiet family vacation, the loud, over the top partying and debauchery will definitely make you wish you had made that left turn at Albuquerque.


5. Sex Trafficking is Wild

Prostitution, generally involving underage children, is rampant all through Brazil. Anything you do, don't pick up a prostitute no matter how appealing she is or how tempting the offer is.


4. The Language Barrier

You probably do not understand Portuguese. They likely do not understand English. So you'll almost burst an artery trying to find a means to communicate in a way both sides can understand. Unless you have crammed for 6 months at Berlitz, forget about it.


3. Your Cab Ride May Be Your Last

Taxicab kidnappings and hostage efforts are more common than you'd believe in Brazil. In the event you'd rather not spend what's left of your life bound and gagged before being dumped in the rainforest, stay home.


2. Random Acts of Torture

The Brazilian police force is notorious for beating and torturing anyone they deem to be some kind of danger. To what exactly no one understands since the authorities manage quite secretively. Therefore, in the event you do not need to become just another statistic, stay home.


1. Human Rights Violations

Between the unbelievable poverty, arbitrary physical torture, poor living conditions and sex trafficking, Brazil is a number of human rights infringements wrapped up into a single nation. Yet the remaining part of the world decides to turn a blind eye to the soaring circumstances of those stuck in a virtual hell hole.