10 Tips To Assist You Get Out the Door On Time

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It is time to go to work.

You're going to leave, but you can not seem to get out the front door.

It is not quite as simple as it sounds some days.

Is your morning departure a mad, ridiculous sprint to get out the door and to work in time?


Leaving Is Easier Said Than Done

Ever have one of those mornings where it takes you forever to get out the front door?

(Inexplicably, it appears to happen most often on Mondays.)

You're just about to leave when life happens.

You can not locate your shoes. The dog has to go out. And then the car keys are missing.

"If getting out the door is really easy, why do we all have so much trouble with it?" 

Just when things can't get any more complex... the first spill of the day happens.

It's nearly enough to make you pack it in, and head back-to-bed.


Getting Out the Door On Time

We have all had a morning such as this at some point.

The best way to avoid pressure becoming prepared for your day is to employ some preparation and common sense.

(Unfortunately, neither are very common.)


Here are 10 Tips to Help You Get Out the Door on Time:

1. Ready the Night Before - Common sense, perhaps. Yet, it's quite uncommon. Don't put off until morning what you could have done the night before. Preparing beforehand will also give you extra time to respond should you understand a surprise on your schedule for the next day.

2. Lay Your Clothing Out - This might sound like one for the youngsters, but don't underestimate its power. We have all done the garments scavenger hunt at some point. It is not fun if you are running late. And if you're going on a trip, have your bags packed and by the door prior to going to bed.

3. Put Things Where You Can't Forget Them - If you don't desire to forget that book that you need to bring now, put it by the doorway so that you will trip over it leaving. Better yet, place it in the auto. That will ensure that when you leave by the other doorway, you will not forget it.

4. Get Up Early - Want a head start? Get up early. The early morning hours are magically productive. Time shift the start of your day and get ahead of everyone else, traffic, and much more. 

5. Allocate Extra Time - Becoming ready constantly takes "just a little longer" than you intended. Having a buffer of extra time can make the difference between a serene start to your day, and an all out sprint that leaves you perspiration upon arrival at work.

6. Expect the Unexpected - If you are planned down the very last second, you will not make it. Something will come up. Life will happen. Don't let spills or other obstacles throw you off track or make you lose your cool. Remember, there are not many real crises in life.

7. Plan for the Small Things - Strategy for the small things like taking the dog outside, packing lunches, and placing the trash out. Otherwise, you will be hurrying to leave simply to find the dog waiting at the door needing to go outside yet.

8. Go to Bed Early - Getting enough sleep is vital to a good start to the day. It also helps with getting up early. Do you really should stay up late viewing hours of meaningless TV or browsing never-ending news or rumor sites?

9. Get Yourself Ready First - Lots of folks have a tendency to do the reverse, get the kids or pets ready first, and then scramble to get themselves prepared. This strategy rarely works. Instead, get yourself ready first and then take care of the others in your household.

10. Lose the News, Internet, TV, Etc. - Don't watch the news or browse the internet before leaving in the morning. That one web search will turn into half an hour of untimely surfing.


Prepare to Leave

We have all done the crazy morning sprint at some point.

Getting out of the door shouldn't be stressful, crazy, or even dangerous.

With just a little common sense plus a little uncommon activity, getting out the door may be a stress-free start to your day.